Lift Off Lid Box Lift Off Lid Box

Lift Off Lid Boxes

The lift off lid promotional box is an extremely versatile style of promotional packaging which is very popular with a wide range of our customers. We are able to produce lift off lid presentation boxes in all sorts of dimensions and in a variety of different materials. From the traditional square shaped promotional box to an eye catching triangular shaped box, we are able to make stunning Presentation boxes which can be used to hold all sorts of products.

Our made to order promotional boxes are completely unique to the customer as each promotional box can be branded if requested. These items are great for accommodating products when you need to have a removable lid – perhaps for ease of access or to present the contents more clearly. We find that the channel wall promotional box is our most popular style of ‘lift off lid’ presentation box as the channel wall gives added strength to the packaging. All our boxes are bespoke and we create tailor made promotional boxes to suit your individual needs and budget.

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