Packaging Packaging

Here at Packaging and POS we are proud to be able to offer our customers a wide range of innovative packaging solutions for their own unique products. We work closely alongside our customers in order to identify exactly what product they wish to package, and will tailor the designs and dimensions accordingly. Our promotional packaging can include the customer’s printed logo where requested and we are happy to suggest various options in order to ensure the packaging is practical yet beautifully presented. Our team of skilled staff will manage the whole print project through from manufacture to distribution and will be happy to answer any questions along the way.

Packaging comes in a huge variety of forms and often needs to be produced very quickly. We will be realistic regarding timescales but past projects have proved that we are able to turn assignments around in a short space of time when necessary. Examples of our work includes hinged lid promotional boxes for a bottle of perfume, subscription box packaging, rigid presentation boxes and rigid style promotional boxes and centre opening promotional boxes to incorporate a USB to name but a few. With all our packaging products once we have had costs approved we supply a blank sample for your approval before commencing production.

All of our creative packaging solutions are finished to a high standard to ensure the customer gets the best product which they deserve.

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