Brochure With Integral 3D Glasses

3D technology is still a very effective way to capture an audience. If 3D viewing is an essential part of getting your message across you will need to incorporate 3D glasses into your promotional campaigns. We can produce 3D glasses in a variety of styles, printing them to your specifications so that they integrate seamlessly with the rest of your promotional materials.

Often it is necessary to produce the glasses as part of a larger item such as a brochure so that they do not get lost and can be readily accessed when needed as part of a launch event. For example. 3D glasses can be incorporated into a brochure as a tear off section for ease of use. Glasses can either be hand held or with arms, as required, and are made from folding box board.

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Folding box board


Litho printed four colour process, die cut and assembled with red & blue lens material.

Features / Benefits:

Simple hand held glasses that can be produced with arms if required.