5 Effective ways to use use short-run promotional packaging

1. Product launch/ Trade Marketing

An effective way to make sure all your trade channel is aware of your new product is to produce a special promotional box and deliver it to all the relevant contacts. Don’t wait for them to hear about it in the Grocer or other trade magazine, get their attention with a special pack and encourage those early orders. Create-This make bespoke branded boxes, designed to be high impact and announce your new product.

2. Direct Mail +

Some companies have a relatively small target list and a high order value. In these cases you could benefit from sending out a promotional box. Create-This make high quality promotional boxes to suit your exact needs. The direct mail could deliver a promotional gift, like a memory stick, pen or product sample. The promotional box could hold a range of items, including printed cards with product or service information, the options are endless.

3. Exhibition Give-Away

Often at exhibitions a number of small items are produced to give to passing leads i.e. promotional cards, note pads and leaflets. But then a more valuable pack is created to give to high quality leads, creating a lasting impression. The branded pack could simply house a gift and information or product samples.

4. Limited Edition

The advent of digital print means that short run limited edition packs are much easier to produce. The scope for this kind of pack is very wide, but popular promotions are brand anniversary, Christmas, special event sales or joint promotions with another brand.

5. Event Invite

Invite your VIP’s to a conference with a sophisticated promotional box design, holding for example a printed pass with info, memory stick, or other promotional items.


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